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We Are People

The World's Best Basement Company

We are people....people with a passion for great basement design and great basement renovations. Every Just Basements team member strives to be the best at what they do, we strive to create the best renovation experience for our customers, we strive to create the best living spaces for our customers, we strive to change the way our customers live in their homes through the creation of great basement spaces. We strive to be the best.

Just Basements is Ottawa's premier, award-winning, basement design-build firm. Since 1999 we have focused on nothing but the design and construction of basement living spaces. That's more than 18 years of solving the same design challenges and the same construction challenges other renovation firms only run into once or twice a year. Our thorough, road-tested design-build process coupled with our years of basement experience allow us to create living spaces for our customers other renovation companies can't even dream of. Experience, knowledge, expertise and an extreme attention to detail drives our team, and in turn, our projects to our ultimate goal.....our exceptionally happy customers. We love your basement and we want you to love it too.


Just Basement customers are simply amazed how much their new living spaces change they way the live in their homes. If you are serious about investing in your basement, investing in your home, investing in your family; we are here to help.


Call Just Basements.....we already love your basement and we haven't even seen it yet.





The World's Best Basement Company?

Ok....The World's Best Basement Company? Is there such a thing? Well.....someone has to be the world's best. Unfortunately; there is no one handing out this title. If there was, we are ready to submit our application. A little tongue-in-cheek? Sure it is. We think of it as motivation. We have a running commentary at Just Basements that we want to be a world-class, design-build company. It is our goal to be the best at what we do. When we make mistakes we fix the mistake, when we make a mistake twice we fix the company. Every process, procedure and policy we develop has our final goals in sight....great basement design, great basement renovation and a great renovation experience for our customer. Those are our goals and we work exceptionally hard at achieving them.


Just Basements is innovative, creative and dedicated to being the best we can be. We feel that through a thoughtful and consistent company mission to always improve, continually search for the better way, to pay attention to the smallest detail; we will be a world-class basement company. Just Basements does business in a very small niche; basement design-build. It is because we are a niche company that we can focus on our product and our customers the way that we do. It is because of the fact that we focus on great basements that we can be world-class in our chosen field.


Are we "The World's Best Basement Company"? You Just Basements today to take the next step towards a great basement.





What Do Just Basement Customers Think?


We truly want to know what our customer think of our company, so we independetly survey every one of our basement customers through a third party Customer Satisfaction Surveyor - Guild Quailty


Find Out What Just Basement Customers Are Saying:

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