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Basement 219

Wow Factor!


The phone call comes in. We've been waiting for this one....we're Just Basements after all. "We are interested in a basement renovation. We would like to do a Custom Home Cinema, a Spa Bathroom with a Sauna, a Lounge, a Bar....oh, and a Micro Brewery." Ding, dong.....We ring the bell before the customer can hang up the phone. 


Just Basements and the "proprietors" of Basement 219 teamed up to design and build a fabulous, design-award-winning, multitasking living space. Find out how we created this spectacular basement addition.

The Setup

Our adventure begins with a very nice family of four. The house, only 1 year old. Our homeowners knew going in that they would be finishing the basement but struggled with the layout. Home builders never worry about the future finishing of the basement and there was no exceptions this time. This basement would  need some serious design help if it was going to achieve the lofty goals our homeowners had for it.


Have a look at what we had to work with. Looks typical, but wait; what the heck is with the ductwork and that room at the back how will that work into the plans. The furnace is in the way....the furnace is always in the way. The builder roughed-in a bathroom, but it wasn't going to work for this  wish list.


This is your canvas.

The Wishlist

After a visit to discover what we have to work with, we need to find out what our customers want to create in their basement.

Here is the wish list for this project.
  • Home Cinema, Projection Screen, Tiered Seating

  • DVD Storage - 4000 Movies

  • Stylish Lounge/Sitting Area With Fireplace

  • Full Custom Front Bar With Draft Taps

  • Wine Storage At Bar

  • Bathroom With Walk-In Shower

  • Traditional Cedar Sauna

  • A Urinal...........Yes, A Urinal

  • Micro Brewery



No Problem.

The Objections

Designing and building basements is not like any other renovation. We never have a clean slate to work with. We always have objections to creating what it is our customers want. You have to understand who will be using the space, what you are trying to achieve and why you are doing it. When you understand that, you have to look at what the house is willing to give you....then you need to get creative.


Specifically our issues were.....

  • Low ducts, ruining access to the best spaces.

  • A stair foyer that was jutting into the future cinema.

  • A builder bath layout that was never going to work.

  • No place to vent the fireplace.

  • Rooms just a little too narrow.

  • The usual post, beams, plumbing, etc....

  • An extensive wish list and only so much space.

The Creative

Our whole world at Just Basements is the creation of great basement spaces. We have designed more than 500 basement spaces. You pick up a trick or two along the way. Basement design is very different than working with other parts of the home. At Just Basements we work hard at overcoming the many objections to your basement space being all that it can be. We are innovative, creative and continually seeking new ways to get the most out of what you home has to offer. Starting with the architectural and right through to the finish selections Just Basements will work with you to create a basement space that you and your family will love for years to come.

The Build

No other company can design basement spaces like Just Basements. But that is only part of the service that we offer our basement customers. We are a design-build firm. Who better to build you basement space than the people that designed it? Who better than a company that has been renovating basements for more than 15 years? The attention to detail we bring to your design, we will also bring to your basement build. We are an innovative and knowledgable  builder. Always seeking new techiques and materials that might improve our final product. Would you buy your car from a company that builds boats? Why have your basement built by a company that builds kitchens or bathrooms? Just Basements is an exceptional basement renovator. Have a look at this very complex basement renovation and you will see our expertise and the quality of our work.

The Payoff

After a thorough and detailed design-build process where we explored every option, opportunity and objection; here is the GOHBA 2013 award-winning Basement 219. Sleek and stylish, modern and inviting; Basement 219 is the realization of homeowners that truly understood the value of their unused space and of a basement design-build company that first listened very carefully then used their knowledge and expertise to bring this project to life. Just Basements and our customers are very proud of what we created together. Please see what a great basement partnership can achieve.

See more photos of this project here.

Shameless Customer Endorsement


Our customer for this stunning project loves brewing beer so much, he started his own company. The Electric Brewery is a huge resource for information and equipment required to build your very own electric brewery.


Please check out The Electric Brewery at:


Electric Brewery.PNG
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