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Don't You Dare Say Man Cave

Wow Factor? Yes!

A better description of this expansive basement living space might be "Subterranean Penthouse". If the goal for your basement project is a man cave, why not just hang-up your high school football sweater and your vintage beer can collection. If you are looking for a comfortable, stylish, sophisticated place for the guys.....that even the gals would love; you have to change your mindset of what a basement space can offer. The homeowner of this spectacular retreat wanted a contemporary, ultra cool place to hang out with friends. Throw out the standard basement stuff and create an urban lounge atmosphere right there in the suburbs. This great basement boasts a huge media room for gaming, sports and entertaining. For more fun you can move to the games room complete with a custom bar, its own huge flat screen TV, pool table and foosball game. A separate entrance allows the boys to come and go without disturbing the rest of the family.

Blank Slate?

Well sort of...The builder had partially finished the basement as part of the original home build. This is not that uncommon being used as a marketing tool. It had no personality, not personal input and on top of, a bad vanity installation upstairs eventually led to a basement ceiling destroying leak. Let's start again, shall we.


When we are designing a great basement we have a lot of objections to reaching a successful design. Furnaces, ducts, water heaters, posts and beams are all objections to laying out a basement. Not to worry, this is our expertise. On this project we added more post and beams to overcome our post and beam issues. Wait, what? Read'll see.

Knights Drive 3D model edit3.JPG

Hard Work Pays Off!

This project had so many objects in so many different parts of the space that it took true vision and a lot of hard work by the design team to get  all the rooms to work, but they did it. They cleverly disguised the electrical panel, well pump, sump pit and even an objectionable septic line, all while and coming up with a fantastic layout. Great work team!

The Look

With a firm grasp on the architecture and infrastructure, time to make this design come alive. Working closely with our customers is the key to taking this space from their dream to their reality.

Get It Together

Incorporating strong design elements such as reclaimed vintage wood, cold rolled steel panels, heavy wood beams and visible structural steel components satisfied the "man" requirement of this design.....adding a variety of hidden doors and secret compartments let the "boy" have a little fun too. If you are creating a place to watch football, well you might as well "go the whole nine yards". Well we did.

Let's Start Building

With a solid plan in place, design complete, costs's time to move into construction. A seamless transition if you plan your project well. Not only do we take care of design; we take care of the permits, all materials  required, the trades and every aspect of getting this stunning project built.

If You Build It....

Our homeowners and our design team have done a tremendous job. They've put together a great basement design and we are ready to start the renovation. A renovation in your home is never easy, but we do everything we can during the build to reduce the stress of a major renovation project. After working closely with us; our fantastic homeowners had the confidence in us that we could do the job. Here we are......

Almost There

Our renovation team is well on it's way to creating our customers dream basement. Things are really starting to come together. It helps to have such a great construction crew. When we can arm them with a great design they can create the most impressive living spaces in Ottawa, heck Canada. Great work guys! Our Homeowners can't wait to see the result, and neither can we.

Worth The Wait

What do your get when you combine a wonderfully engaged and receptive homeowner with a talented design team and a skilled and experience renovation team? Quite simply, you get the best. We know this because this is not only a great space for our customers, their friends and family to enjoy for years to come, which is our main goal. But we know we did a great job when one of our projects wins both, our local GOHBA Design Award and a National CHBA Award of Excellence. Teamwork, passion and hard work pay off. It's the Just Basements way.

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