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In Design:
New York Meets the Hamptons

Just Basements has been Ottawa's leading basement design build renovator for 20 years. We have learned a thing or two about creating spectacular basement spaces for our hundreds of renovation customers. Our many local and national awards did not come by accident; it takes passion, experience and hard work to be the best. Our in-house design team and our experienced basement craftsmen will turn your dreams into reality. Check out a few of our exceptional projects below.

In The Beginning 

Many of our projects start this way. Large empty spaces with no features and no future. But we've done this before, we know what o be suitable for the whole family and able to grow as they did.

Seems Easy Enough

We had a lot of space to work with, but we also seemed to keep bumping into to those start at the beginning with what the house is going to give us and work it, and work it, and work it.

The Look

Once our design team had all the architecture and infrastructure taken care of we moved on to the look and feel. Here is work as team. It is a thing of beauty....the actual process and the product.

Nailed It!

When we have completed our full design process. Incorporating strong design elements such as reclaimed vintage wood, cold rolled steel panels, heavy wood beams and visible structural steel components satisfied the "man" requirement of this design.....adding a variety of hidden doors and secret compartments let the "boy" have a little fun too. If you are creating a place to watch football, well you might as well "go the whole nine yards". Well we did.

Let's Start Building

The fun part of the design work is done. And we think we have a real winner with this one. But the he design team still has a lot of woselections all have to be developed and presented to the Just Basements build team. Armed with all the information we need to create a great basement renovation experience for our customers we are good to go.

If You Build It....

Our homeowners and our design team have done a tremendous job. They've put together a great basement design and we are ready to start the renovation. A renovation in your home is never easy, but we do everything we can during the build to reduce the stress of a major renovation project. After working closely with us; our fantastic homeowners had the confidence in us that we could do the job. Here we are......

Almost There

Our renovation team is well on it's way to creating our customers dream basement. Things are really starting to come together. It helps to have such a great construction crew. When we can arm them with a great design they can create the most impressive living spaces in Ottawa, heck Canada. Great work guys! Our Homeowners can't wait to see the result, and neither can we.

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