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Just Relax

Wow Factor!


At justBasements we are skilled at taking difficult, often unyielding basement spaces and turning them into something special, something more personal. Our customers wanted a place to unwind, to relax, and sometimes to entertain. The space had to serve everyone one at a time or all together, even if different activities were in play. A comfortable place to chat and enjoy a glass of wine or a place to watch the big game. Have a look below to see how we did.

Posts and Other Stuff

One of the biggest objections to overcome with the design of this basement was the number of objections to creating a great space. With nearly all corners of the home occupied by some electrical or mechanical necessity and the core of the house filled with an above average number of structural posts....where do you start. As always we start with our customer and what it is they are trying to achieve. Then we look at the objections to achieving our goals and we attack....move it, hide it, work around it....all the while keeping good design and our customers wish list and aesthetic in mind.

Architecture First

When we are designing and building one of our wonderful basement spaces we start with the bones; architecture. A space has to function before it can be pretty, it has to work. Walls, doors, plumbing, structure, HVAC, all have to come together the way they are intended to create a great space. Function first and then form. Knowing that engagement and interaction was a major design requirement; we kept the space open and communicative yet defined for various activities. Oh and don't forget to hide that plumbing, and those posts, and the sump pit.....

Now We Create the Feel

Our customers have exceptional taste that showed throughout the rest of the home. We wanted to compliment the style of their home without overwhelming. Sleek and contemporary, but warm and inviting. The basement space needed to impress yet calm. Colours and textures, features and just a bit of bling. Our talented design team is able to show you your basement space before we even start building. 

Every Detail Is Important

Our talented design team is able to show you your basement space before we even start building. With the help of technology that even James Bond would be impressed by; we are able to render our projects in high detail. What will that tile look like, or what direction should the hardwood flooring run? Every details is important to the whole. Now it's time to really get serious about this space. 

Warm? Yes Please!

Working with our customers' wonderful sense of interior design and decorating we were able to put together a wonderful design package of warmth and comfort. It is amazing what happens when award winning designers brings the customer onto the team. It's actually kind of magical how a project can come together when everyone is working towards the same goal. We prefer a collaborative effort and we are skilled at creating that environment where it can happen. We believe that is great design.

Design and Build

The wonderful thing about the design build process is that one company takes care of both major segments of a renovation project. Our build crew need details to build, and we give them what they need to create the space as it was intended. If you attend to the smallest details the whole project benefits. Remember there are post lurking around we need to make sure they are hidden away where we want them to go. Communication is the key to our projects. Design is simply stylish communication

Hard Work Pays Off!

We work hard being great basement designers. We also work hard at being a great construction company. Hiring the right people; hardworking, customer service oriented and talented. Our values of Teamwork, Integrity and Passion shine throughout our build process. Our tradespeople are some of the best anywhere. It is important that the paint looks good, but the drywall has to be good to accept the paint and the wall framing has to be good to accept the drywall.  

Coming Together


Renovations are hard. They are dusty and disruptive for our customers. We know that and we do everything in our power to make our customers' renovation experience a great one. We work hard a keeping our sites clean and safe. 

When our projects gets to the point where you can see the vision coming together, when the paint, tile and other finishes start to form that empty basement into something makes all the hard work pay off

Ready and Waiting!

Inviting, warm and ready for relaxing. Our customers, our design team and our build crew put together a wonderful space that is one of a kind. And we love it. It is so satisfying starting with a bunch of posts and pink insulation, and turning that big empty space into something special, something people will use an enjoy for years to come. Just relax....justBasements can help. 

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