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Design Trends 2023 by ARTium Design Build & Just Basements

1. More is More?

We have seen a lot of simplicity in design in the past year, however 2023 is the year of expression. Maximizing the space with interesting wallpapers, wall niche details, or even unique storage solutions.

There are many ways to express your personality through design, including adding personal touches like your favourite patterned tiles, layered textures using shelving, unique art, or a personalized fireplace mantel that represents you.

Using some or all these elements allows you to introduce depth, warmth, and character in your home to really make it your own.

2. Organic & Natural

A connection to nature is important for any homeowner, whether it is through natural lighting, plant life, or natural materials within the home. Within the next year, we will see a surge in the natural and organic. The use of natural materials like wood will become prominent in 2023. Wood can be implemented in any application, but most commonly on cabinetry, furniture items, flooring, or wall decals. Exposed wooden beams, floating wooden shelving, or wood mantels are another great way of integrating natural elements within the home.

Paired with natural lighting, natural materials and organic shapes will make your home a place to unwind.

3. Why is it so bright in here?

One word: lighting! 2023 is the year of artistic and ambient lighting. Lighting will become a staple piece in any room and be used as a focus of the design, rather than an afterthought.

Ambient lighting is preferred by many, especially in a living space. It provides ample lighting for simple tasks while giving the room a welcoming and calming effect. Having the ability to control lighting is a great tool in enhancing your homes ambiance. Pot lights that are dimmable are a great way to adjust the lighting levels in any room. In the kitchen, under cabinet lighting provides task lighting while making the space feel comfortable.

4. Textures, Textures Everywhere!

With the journey away from simplicity, this year there is going to be texture, texture, and more texture. Not only does texture add visual interest, but it also unifies smooth and rough surfaces to create a seamless tranquil space.

Using textured tiles, exposing interesting brick patterns, installing wooden cabinets, wood flooring, or textured décor items are simple but effective ways of adding some texture to your home design.

ARTium Design Build Inc. is thrilled to have Carley Mulligan as part of our Interior Design team.


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