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Basement Design:
Work & Play

Just Basements - In Design

A challenge that was welcomed with open arms was the ultimate work/entertainment space. A full home office with multiple workstations and adjacent kitchenette, paired with a theatre room, a full bath, and laundry room creates a space that is out of this world!

The Before...

In the beginning, this basement was extremely segmented with several different rooms that were closed off from one another. Before moving in, it was necessary to give the space the face lift it deserved by thinking open concept!

Kitchen Before
Screenshot 2021-04-14 160456.png
Just Basements Floor Plans

A Little Bit of Magic

This space was the perfect opportunity for open concept, though it has its challenges. The plan housed all beams and posts within walls to conceal them like magic. This allowed for a mix of private spaces with the same opportunity for socialization in the main spaces. With this being a multi-person office, a variety of public and private goes a long way!

Just Basements 3D rendering of kitchenette

The Concept

Once the design team had all the architecture and infrastructure taken care of, it was time for the aesthetics!

This basement has the perfect blend of bright and sleek. The high contrast of the many tones of black and white creates a refreshing canvas for décor.

Nailed It!

Slate, matte black, oak wood combined with bright whites and cool greys are the story of this basement. Futuristic artwork, geometric patterns, and pops of colour will be a great addition to this work-from-home haven.

Just Basements Design Board
Just Basements 3D renderings

Onwards and Upwards

As the concept comes together, it is time to model cabinetry and built-in elements. Lighting, wall treatments, and furniture placement become the center of focus for the next phase.

Design Board and Basement Bathroom 3Ds

Almost There

This basement bath is going to be spectacular. The tones and feel of this space will bring a sense of zen to those who enter. 


Design Board for Bathroom
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