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Work & Play

GOHBA Award Finalist

Work & Play

What is now a space that does it all, was once a space that had nothing to offer but structural issues and water damage.  These roadblocks were a challenge but we had the tools to persevere. With the help of our design and construction knowledge, this space now doubles as an area for a home business by day and a family entertainment space by night! It was even a finalist in the 2023 GOHBA Awards!

Bring on the Challenge

This well-loved basement by previous homeowners was far from functional, which means it is time for a major update! Since the basement was finished already, this posed a challenge when we didn’t know what was hiding underneath. Once we were able to investigate the mysteries, we were presented with a blank canvas where we integrated everything the client was looking for!

Before Photo
Just Basements Plan

The Plan

With the help of our customers we got a complete sense of their dream basement. A multi-person office space, fit for a video game design company, and an entertainment space, equipped with a home theatre! The business side offers a welcoming and inspiring office area, complete with multiple workstations, server room, kitchenette, and luxurious 3-piece bathroom. An existing separate entrance was incorporated so work & home-life can stay separated easily. The home theater and laundry room are created with direct access to the interior staircase, which leads to the first floor of the home.

The Plan in 3D - Just Basements

As the plan was taking shape, the design team considered the three-dimensional space, along with the two-dimensional. Materials and finishes are something that can make or break a space, especially spaces with multiple uses. The homeowners were the main influence for this part of the plan because we wanted to fit their dream aesthetic as closely as possible

Nailed It!
With the design process coming to a close, we are left with a concrete plan of the entire look and feel of the space, including all materials, finishes, and architectural changes. This basement features a mixture of textures, particularly through the kitchenette and bathroom selections which provide a unique, luxurious look. Tying in both warm and cool tones and dark and light contrasting finishes in each room, provides a sense of drama and interest.

Office Design Board
Construction Photo - Just Basements

Can we Build It? Yes we can! 

Great job team, it is time to build! A home renovation can be quite the interruption, but with our well-trained design and construction team it can go as smoothly as possible. The construction phase means that the space is that much closer to being completely transformed.

Worth the Wait...

It is safe to say, this is not your average basement! This renovation certainly has something for everyone for both work and play. This space can now be the hub for a state-of-the-art video game design office by day and the ultimate entertainment space for the family by night. We accepted this design challenge with the help of our wonderfully engaged homeowners, a talented design team and an experienced construction team under our belt and it paid off immensely!

Just Basements Kitchenette
Just Basements Bath
Just Basements Home Theatre
Just Basements Laundry Room
Just Basements Home Office
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