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Meet Basement Cat

Meet Basement Cat

Anonymous justBasements Designer

Basement Cat is evil. Basement Cat is somewhere in your basement….waiting, watching, scheming. Basement Cat has been banished from upstairs by the good and mighty Ceiling Cat. No longer able to tolerate Basement Cat’s evil doings; the glorious and right Ceiling Cat lured Basement Cat to the darkest, dampest, dreariest part of the realm and slammed the door.

Children Beware.......Don’t Go Down There!!!

After eons of living in darkness Basement Cat has come to love the underworld. A keen sense of smell enables him to track down minute bits of discarded food even through the mustiest of air. With laser-like night vision even the quickest of basement intruders has no hope of escape. And with hearing honed over years of listening to muffled voices from above; he can pick-up the sound of a cat food can being opened from miles away….and he’s not happy about it! Basement Cat is a product of his environment. But there is hope. Years of research by award winning Ottawa company Just Basements has proven that Basement Cat can be saved.

The solution? Change his environment. Tests have shown that 9 out of 10 Basement Cats placed in a kinder, warmer, brighter environment showed documented signs of goodness, several reaching the pinnacle of main floor reinstatement. Researchers found that with the help of a great design team, quality products and the desire for meaningful change, Basement Cat owners can live a better life. It was noted, however, if left too long; the evil effects of unsavory basement dwelling may be irreversible.

Please, if you and your family are suffering; thoughtful, determined action must be taken. Only you can save Basement Cat……and yourselves. Change your basement environment today.

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