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Is a Pool Table on your Wish List?

Over the years, almost 25 to be exact, we have designed and built a ton of basements with a billiards and/or a pool table on the wish list.

Gone are the days of dark and dingy basements with brown paneled walls and orange carpet. Modern basements are designed to be an extension of main floor living space with often similar feel and even more functionality than the main floor with the focus being on the 3 F’s: Fun, Family and Friends. The space can be used in a multitude of ways ranging from a Home Theater, Gym, Wine cellar, Wet or Dry Bar, Music room and YES, A Billiards room.

When designing a space for a Pool table, there are many items to consider, first and foremost is being able to dedicate the right amount of space. When you think of the average table being 8 feet by 4 feet, you want at least five feet around the perimeter of the pool table, making the space at minimum 13 x 9, or almost the size of a single car garage. And if it’s a Snooker table you seek, an even larger space is required.

Another key element is lighting. The Green and Brass or Tiffany styles of lights are still used for a traditional “pub style” décor but there are thousands of choices now ranging from ultra modern pendants to full perimeter LED lighting solutions to choose from. And it doesn’t stop there. Designing the rest of the ceiling light mapping is critical to ensure that even lighting and minimal shadows don’t get cast on the table.

Wall details, Storage, Flooring and the overall “feel of space” also need to be accounted for to make the room exactly what you envisioned. When you see a stunning basement pool room, there was a lot of effort and design that went into it. And you thought choosing the pool table itself was a tough decision! As the adage goes, “Take care of your cue ball and it will take care of you”.

More often than not, where there is a pool table, there is often a bar near by. Designing a bar…stay tuned, that will be in our next blog.

So when you are thinking about finishing your basement and a pool table is on your wish list, really take the time to design the space. Better yet, reach out to our design build team and we will guide you through the process.

Now rack em up!


Just Basements has been designing and building award winning basements in Ottawa since 1999. For more information or to have Just Basements design and build an exceptional basement for you, please call us 613-836-0306 or email


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