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25 Years of Design Build Renovations

I believe it is always good to look towards the future. However, there are times in our lives that we tend to look back to see where we have been, what we have learned and the people we have met. This is one of those times and I am finding it is not just a moment here or there. It is 25 years worth of moments. 25 years of blood, sweat and tears. 25 years of great people, partners, employees and, of course, customers. 

Just Basements and ARTium Design Build have been privileged to work with hundreds of homeowners over the years changing the way families live in their homes. Guiding them through a complex process that can help them love their homes again.

We have been so fortunate over the years to have many great people on our team. Carpenters, designers, managers and labourers. Sometimes there are challenges, but the people that make impacts on our team and our customers are those with talent, commitment and passion. We have learned to hire to our Core Values - Passion, Integrity and Teamwork. And that philosophy has guided us to creating the best team we have ever had over our 25 years. 

It has also been our immense pleasure to design and create many exceptional spaces for our customers. From great basements to stunning family rooms, awe inspiring kitchens to luxurious baths. Although trends have changed over the years I have always held the belief that great design never goes out of style. We have won numerous awards over the years, which is wonderful, but not our goal. We are not custom home builders or commercial contractors, we do one thing very well and keep our focus on great design build renovations. Do what you know and know what you do.

Running a small business has its ups and downs, but hopefully over the years you have more ups than downs.  Twenty five years teaches you many things, some easily, some painfully and some that take you oh so many times to learn the lesson. But the main thing I have learned over the years is to be grateful for what you have received and achieved. Be grateful for the great people. Be grateful for the opportunity to change lives, customers and employees. Just be grateful and you will always be successful.


Written by Norm Lecuyer, Founder, leader, visionary of Just Basements and ARTium Design Build Inc.

This blog is also posted on ARTium Design Build Inc.


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