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Planning a Renovation with Kids at home? How to get them involved in the fun!

Renovations can be exciting and stressful for all parties involved, especially kids. Although exciting, daily disruptions to a regularly scheduled routine will likely occur. We are pleased to share a few fun and easy ideas on ways to have your children feel part of the renovation.

First and foremost, keeping them safe on a jobsite in their home is most important. Make sure that they know the rules and never enter a jobsite without a parent. Always wear shoes or little work boots, safety glasses, work gloves and a little hard hat. Depending on what parts of the home you are renovating, make a little safety area for them to put all their safety gear. Decorating their hard-hat could be fun too! As much as they would like to watch, it is best to keep them out of the construction zone.

Grab that old digital camera and let them document the renovation from beginning to end. A digital scrapbook is easy or print some of the photos. Grab a scrapbook, some glue and markers and let them start to document the evolution of a renovation.

Make a time capsule. Grab a mason jar or a little metal box (as long as it fits in the walls) and start filling it. The kids could even paint the mason jar or use a permanent marker. Write the year on the container and add the family name.

Possible time capsule items: a note and picture of your family (include a little information and don’t forget to date the letter) pictures of what the renovation looked like before, a grocery store flyer (to show current prices), current newspaper, memory key with before pictures, a little video walkthrough of the home before, floor plans or history of the home. You could include a favorite family recipe, a coin, a stamp, a list of top songs or artists, a piece of the original renovation like a hinge or small tile.

Before you place the time capsule in the walls or the floor, make sure you speak to your renovator, just to be sure it is a good safe spot.

If the renovation is seeming to take a tole on the family, get out of town for the weekend or a few days. An overnight at a hotel with a swimming pool could be a fun and welcome break. Take the kids shopping and have them help them pick out some of the new furnishings or décor for the newly renovated space.

Be positive and enjoy the renovation experience, it will be over before you know it and you and your family will have a beautiful new space to create memories.


By Lindsay Dods ― ARTium Design Build Inc. Written with experience 😊

ARTium Design Build and Just Basements have been designing and building exceptional spaces in Ottawa for over 20 years. We know the renovation is more than the design and build and want the experience to be a positive one for you and your family.

This blog is also published on ARTium Design Build Inc., our upper level division.


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