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Design Trends 2024

Our Design Team at ARTium Design Build Inc & Just Basements like to kick off the year by predicting the trends we are going to see as we enter into the New Year.

Here are the five trends we have on our list for this year!

1. Chocolate brown: THE colour of 2024


Let’s face it, earthy tones aren’t going anywhere this year and chocolate brown is at the top of the list for designers because of how versatile it is. Use it as a rich base and accentuate it with lighter, warmer tones, or as an accent wall and layer on other complementary colours. Grey and cooler tones are out, setting the stage for calming and moody sepia tones that bring in natural elements into your home. 

2. Dynamic shapes & textures


From curvy couches to archways and textured finishes like fluted wood or limewash, it’s all about creating visual interest that also feels interesting to the touch. This can be seen in kitchens and bathrooms through more carefully crafted and bold cabinetry, tile, and stone selections. It’s also present in irregularly shaped, yet very comfortable, furniture pieces, textured fabrics or natural finishes. 

3. Functional secondary spaces


It’s becoming more common for homeowners to make expansions for additional spaces that allow extra storage and functionality. Spaces like butler’s pantries, back / spice kitchens, coffee or wine bars and mud-laundry rooms are especially interesting. Additionally, self-care rooms such as libraries for cozy lounging or peaceful yoga studios and spa-bathrooms are specialties that are being seen more often.

4. Statement pieces, sculptural art & artisanal decor


Large light fixtures, 3D sculptures or wall art and artisan vibes are all the rage right now. Anything handmade, vintage, antique or an heirloom is still something we strive to have in our homes because it’s soothing and provides a human connection. Statement and one of a kind items are conversation pieces, especially when presented among other subtle elements to provide proper balance.

5. High tech lighting & colour tuning


Control your home’s lighting through integrated smart technology and change the overall ambience with colour temperature tuning (warm vs. cool) to match or uplift your mood and contrast the exterior. Hidden lighting in cove ceilings, wall / floor details or inside stone countertops like onyx can elevate your space and enhance its overall charm.  

Written by Maria Gordillo, Senior Designer with ARTium Design Build Inc. & Just Basements


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