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5 Things You Cannot Do In Your Basement On Canada Day

Okay, you all know I love basements, but there are certain things you just should not do in your basement, particularly on Canada Day.

#1 - Fireworks

Duh, Eh. Fireworks are not allowed in the basements. You knew that already, but did you know that fireworks were invented in Canada by Francois Pantalon-Sur-Le-Feu. While portaging his way to Hudson Bay from Chicoutimi July 1, 1667; Francois accidentally dropped his musket powder into the camp fire. ”Mon Dieu” he exclaimed, from the top of a pine tree…..”C’est Fantastique !”

JB Canada Day2.JPG

# 2 - Kiss A Moose

I’m not saying you shouldn’t kiss a moose, I have kissed my share……just don’t do it in your basement. All that spit and fur, not to mention the moose. Please note that the Just Basements warranty does not cover moose damage.

JB Canada Day3.JPG

#3 Eat Beaver Tails

Yes, you Americans read that correctly. Beaver Tails. They are warm and delicious, and sometimes messy depending on what flavour. They're not REAL Beaver Tails! They are a Canadian pastry treat for goodness sakes!!! But you cannot eat them in your basement you have to go to the Byward Market to get some. Right there on the corner of George and William Streets.......Downtown Ottawa on Canada Day; what could be better?

JB Canada Day4.JPG

#4 Play Hockey

Summer is sort of like “in-between-periods” isn’t it? Sens opening night is Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014. That is exactly 99, YES I SAID NINETY-NINE, days after Canada Day. Coincidence, I think not! "The Great One" Loves Canada Day……. You still can’t play hockey in the basement. Well, of course you can, just not on Canada Day……go watch the fireworks.

JB Canada Day5.JPG

#5 Dress Like Captain Canada

You cannot wear your Captain Canada outfit in the basement on Canada Day. You MUST share. You can wear it in the basement any other day, and I suggest you actually stay in the basement. But on Canada Day; get downtown to the Parliament Buildings and party down with your fellow Canadians. Please Note - This is not a picture of the author.

This is the only day that I, the President of Just Basements, will tell you to get out of your basement. So, get out there and celebrate.

Happy Canada Day!

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