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10 Things Elvis Knows About Basement Renovations

Down in the Jungle Room

1. Don’t Be Cruel

Your basement is part of your home. Treat a basement renovation the way you would treat a kitchen or bathroom renovation. Respect it. Spend time with it. Do good by it and it will pay you back. We have endured decades of basement design being left to Dad or some guy in a pick-up truck. If you value your real estate….and you should; there are hundreds of square feet downstairs, just waiting for someone to treat them properly.

2. Love Me Tender

Do you love your basement? You could. A great basement space can be a destination point for the whole family. Imagine spending quality time with the people you love, in a place that you all love to go. Just like any relationship you have to invest in it, you have to put in the effort. If you neglect your basement during the design and planning phase, your love for each other will eventually fade away.

3. Heartbreak Hotel

Find a new place to dwell….your basement! But, don’t set yourself up for heartache. Hire a professional to design and build your basement addition. Don’t just hire any old chimp to build your Jungle Room. Create a space fit for The King, or his queen, and princes and princesses.

4. Suspicious Minds

Be sure you find the right company to work with. You need to trust this company with your home, your family, your money. Find a professional, someone with the skills, talent, expertise and knowledge to create the addition to your home you deserve. We can’t go on together with suspicious minds….so find the right fit for you and your family.

5. Jailhouse Rock

Like to party? Want to rock and roll? Well, before you send out the invitations make sure your basement space is safe and functional. These are fundamental requirements of any you know all code requirements for a basement reno? Consult a design-build professional first. There are a lot of ways to build a basement space wrong. There are only a few ways to build it right. Make sure your basement design and renovation follow good building practices and building codes. Don't end up handcuffed to a bad renovator, or worse, a bad renovation. You'll get life with an ugly basement if you don't do it right.

6. Are You Lonesome Tonight

Imagine sitting alone, quietly sipping a glass of wine, fire flickering, a good book on your lap, kids all nestled snug in their beds. The Jungle Room could actually be your oasis. Your basement familyroom could be your getaway space to relax and unwind. Maybe even a spa bathroom too.....alone but not lonesome.

7. Viva Las Vega

Fun and games. Pool, ping pong, board games, video gaming, pinball and more….what better place to have family game night than a new basement family room. Great design can ensure that your whole family can enjoy your new space at the same time while doing different activities. The multi-tasking basement is possible, thanks to the wide open spaces only available in your basement. Good design is essential though….ever play pool with those funny little cues? And kids, unlike Vegas; what happens in the basement must be brought upstairs and put in the dishwasher.

8. That’s Alright Mama

Mom; are you tired of the band practicing in the main floor family room? How about a music room downstairs where future rock stars (or wannabe rock stars ….Dad) can jam and not shake or rattle your dishes. Whatever the activity going on in the Jungle Room consider some strategically placed sound insulation to reduce the racket. Anyway you please……cause that’s alright.

9. Blue Christmas

Big family get together this holiday season? Don’t be disappointed. It takes a lot of planning, design and building to create a great basement space. Want to have the Jungle Room ready for that special event. Then start sooner not later. A well defined plan and project schedule will help you get there in the “nick” of time. Good design-build firms can be booked up months in advance. Don’t have a Blue Christmas; start planning your project by Sept. 1.

10. A Little Less Conversation

A little more action! That’s how the song goes. Love to watch action movies, epic dramas, stunning sci-fi flicks? Well; nothing can compare to the movie experience you can have in your own home. If you love movies then you have to consider the addition of a projector and movie screen. TV’s are getting bigger, but they still can’t compare to the real cinema feel you get with your own projection system. As good as going to the movies on Friday night…..just cheaper popcorn.

Elvis Has Left The Basement

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