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4 Tips For Maintaining Your Sanity During A Renovation

For those of you who have already experienced a renovation of any kind, you know that your new kitchen or bathroom didn’t just emerge fully formed from the head of Zeus.

Looking back you probably wish that you had planned some coping strategies for getting to the finish line with a little less anxiety.

Here are 4 self-preservation tips we’ve put together for your best reno ever!

Things Are Gonna Get LOUD!

There is no way around it - saws make noise ….. so do hammers.

After so many years, Martha was finally getting the dream kitchen she always wanted, but spending so much time with your design build team left little time for planning what she and her husband Steve were actually going to do during the renovation.

“Steve was more sensitive to the noise and ongoing traffic going through the house. We would go for long walks and to restaurants, but in hindsight, I wish I had been more organized in our activities to get us out of the house and out of the way.”

Talk To Me.

Moving outside of one’s comfort zone can be tough for anyone. The trust and communication you have with your building and design team will make it a whole lot easier to step outside the box in terms of changing an original layout and floor plan.

Open and on-going communication is imperative for achieving your goals and realizing spectacular success with your renovation.

Love Thy Neighbour.

Not everyone will be as excited about your renovations as you are.

Staying on good terms with your neighbours just makes sense.

We like to drop a note in your neighbours mailbox to let them know about your project. The note includes information about possible noise, dust and traffic and provides our contact information should there be an issue. However, we still recommend you have a chat with your neighour about your upcoming project.

When the dust has cleared, invite them over for a glass of wine and to boast about your inspirational new space.

Pandora’s Box

We’ve all heard the horror stories about someone who had their basement renovated and after removing a wall, the renovator found some cost-inflating, time-consuming nightmare – i.e out-of-date wiring that is not up to electrical codes and standards, exposure to mold or deteriorating asbestos that may cause a health hazard.

Unforeseen issues and costs can be minimized and resolved more quickly by hiring a builder who is highly qualified and has the high standards of professionalism to anticipate problems ahead of time.

The most important thing to remember is to STAY CALM and RENOVATE ON!!

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