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2016 Top Trends In Bathroom Design

If you ‘ve been having a tough time getting your teenage daughters out of the

bathroom, the new design trends for 2016 might just make that job a little more


Bathrooms have long been a relaxing retreat to steal some time away for yourself.

Luxurious wellness options that were once only available to us in premier spas and

hotels are now making their way into customized home bathroom design.

Walk-In- Showers

Walk-In- Showers continue to steal the spotlight and are equipped with many of the

spa-like hydrotherapy technology you may have only experienced during your

favorite getaway retreat.

Rain Shower heads are being installed in more and more bathrooms because of the

sensation of being immersed in soothing rain. The shower heads can be adjusted for

an invigorating rain-like spray.

Free Standing Tubs

Free standing tubs are not only luxurious and artful in design but on a practical

level, you can even find ones big enough for two!

If you have the space, a sculptural tub doubles as a beautiful objet d’art when not in

use and adds creativity and flair to your bathroom. With so many shapes and styles,

you’ll have difficulty choosing just one!

Heated Floors and more….

As Canadians, we know what it’s like to wake up on a cold fall/winter morning and

delay that uncomfortable walk to the bathroom until we’ve built up the mental

fortitude to let go of our warm, cozy blanket.

Having a heated floor installed in your bathroom gives you the luxury of setting a

timer so that your floor is warm between 6:00am and 8:00am as an example.

Heated towel warmers are now available for residential bathrooms offering you the

pampered option of wrapping yourself up in a warm, comforting towel when you

get out of the shower.

Custom Vanities

Provided you have the space, having an larger custom vanity installed in your

bathroom makes storage an absolute dream. More drawers? Yes Please!

A longer vanity also gives you the option of installing two sinks in one bathroom

which is a blessing for most couples and even siblings!

Motion Sensors

Under Counter motion sensor lighting is now available for bathrooms. Making

middle-of- the-night walks to the bathroom a whole lot safer.

Hands-free faucets are listed as one of the top technologies for bathrooms and


Waking up and winding down is becoming more and more irresistible.

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