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Renovating Your Home To Achieve An Open Concept Space

Have you ever danced like no one was watching?

No? Okay, neither have we …… but having an open concept design in your home would make dancing and pretty much everything else a whole lot easier.

There is no denying that an open concept space looks modern and spacious.

If you’re thinking about having your home renovated to achieve this beautiful aesthetic, it’s important to keep a few things in mind in terms of your lifestyle and how your space will work for you and your family.


An open concept works beautifully if you love entertaining. Guests are able to talk and mingle all on one floor and food preparation in the kitchen becomes part of the socializing.

Such a receptive floor plan also encourages family togetherness. The openness of the kitchen, dining and living room gives everyone sharing the space an opportunity for communication.

A dining table can double as a workspace for homework and even a home office.

Aesthetically an open concept design looks stylish and has clean lines.

Removing walls will make your main floor look much larger or opening up a closed staircase adds light and flow from the main area to the floor above.


An open concept floor plan may not seem like such a great idea if you enjoy your privacy. Dividing walls provide a sound barrier and a quiet place to relax on your own.

Not having a closed off area may be an issue if you have small children. You might want them away from the kitchen and playing in a room where you know they are safe from household dangers.

Removing a dividing wall may also decrease the amount of storage space you have in the form of built–in wall cabinets and closets. You may have to deal with concealed plumbing, heating or electrical. Also, structural support for floors above may have to be considered. A full investigation by a professional is a must before knocking down a wall in your home.

Of course there are simple and modern solutions for storage.

Furniture with lift-up lids are an excellent way to store items and a stand-alone armoire can be used for coats and shoes. Floating shelves are also a beautiful way to display items and provide space for books.

Going For It

To get the full benefit of an open concept space, make sure that your flooring is the same throughout, achieving consistency and flow from one area to another.

Consider choosing whites and lighter, neutral tones for your color palette to keep the entire space airy and bright.

Perhaps I’m bias, but I’ve never walked into an open concept space and not loved the invitation for movement and communication and the sheer beauty of the design and aesthetic.

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