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2017 Design Recap

Looking back on 2017, we were lucky enough to have been a part of creating some amazing spaces.

As we work through design, we are constantly looking for inspiration. Houzz, is a huge help for designers and customers alike as well as Pinterest and the plethora of amazing design blogs cropping up across the globe. There’s certainly no shortage of inspiration – but it takes some skill to decipher the quick trends from the longstanding ones and how to create something that is classic – but not dated. A challenge, we are all too ready to face as designers of spaces.

Looking back on 2017, we saw some trends emerge and some start to fizzle. Looking ahead at 2018, we wonder which ones will stick?

Here are our top 5 trends we saw through design last year, that we think are going to have staying power throughout 2018:

1. Coloured Cabinets: with so many colour options to choose from, many of our clientele are opting to move away from the standard offered colour selections in favour of ones that are bolder, or simply more custom. We have seen beautiful rich blues, soft feminine greens and charcoals that pull colours from the surrounding finishes for a perfect match. We anticipate we will continue to see this trend evolve as people become more brave and as technology allows us to give a very good idea in a 3d rendering of what these bold choices will look like – before they are glued and screwed in place!

2. Personal Spa Experiences: from steam showers to saunas, we have designed and built some of the most luxurious bathrooms this year. If you look at inspiration sites like Pinterest and Houzz, you’re bound to come across endless options in your feeds as this trend gains popularity. With today’s busy lifestyles, we are seeing so much value being placed on the experience a space can provide, as well as the luxurious quality of the materials.

3. High Contrast Palettes: we’ve seen so much wonderful grey over the past few years, it is only natural for people’s tastes to start to shift. On numerous occasions we are seeing simple palettes of black and white crop up – with a mixture of wood and warm metals to soften the feeling. Look for future designs that incorporate this design trend – and expect it to last, as black and white can never truly go out of style.

4. Mixed-Metals: while chrome and brushed nickel will forever be popular – there has been a shift to accept our other metallic friends into the mix. With less formality than we used to adopt, there is a richness to mixing metals and a relaxed and textural aesthetic to be achieved. We are loving the use of matte black bathroom fixtures, modern in aesthetic, paired beautifully with trend number 3 – the high-contrast palette. Along with this we are seeing copper and rose-gold accents and brushed brass which is a beautiful modern take on a very traditional material.

5. Modern Rustic: while this aesthetic has been around for a little while now, we expect it to still be ever-present in our designs for 2018. The use of barn board and more rustic materials are being incorporated into sleek and modern designs to soften the space and add texture. There is a careful balance to be achieved with this trend – too much wood and your space becomes heavy. Small accents and feature walls are the perfect way to incorporate this trend into your home.

Trends are a reflection of the things that inspire us – and what better way to experience that inspiration than in your own space!

We look forward to the ever changing landscape in design, and all that 2018 has in store for our customers.

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