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Partner Profile with Multi Luminaire Ottawa and ARTium Design Build & Just Basements

The word that comes to mind when first entering the Multiluminaire showroom at Hunt Club and Merivale is simply; WOW! A stunning selection of light fixtures immediately raises your eyes and your thoughts to a level of design and aesthetic that allows you to know your renovation design just reached dream level. From simple to more bling than you can imagine, from functional to extravagant, from budget conscious to, well, not. It is all there in one room. We have been working with Multiluminaire for more than a decade. Quality service, quality products and quality people will keep us working with Multiluminaire for decades to come.

We asked Jordan Peca, Project Department of Multi Luminaire Ottawa to answer a few questions about their lights and fixtures that are bringing so much light into our customer’s homes.

Q – How many years have you been in business?

A – We opened the Merivale and Hunt Club store in 2005.

Q – How many different types of fixtures do you carry or what is your speciality?

A – We have hundreds of different light fixtures on display and in stock at the store, and thousands more we can order from our suppliers. We specialize in residential lighting, and can find fixtures to suit any room in the house, regardless of your style, preferences, or budget.

Q – What fixtures do clients often have the hardest time trying to select?

A – Definitely dining room lights and bathroom vanity lights! These are the rooms that people usually spend the most time in, so they want to find something that they’ll still love in a year, or two, or even ten. Plus because they’re the most common rooms, manufacturers make tonnes of options for those spaces. So sometimes instead of having trouble finding something they love, customers end up loving two or more lights. But we can help you make that decision!

Q – What questions does your sales/design team get asked the most?

A – There are a few:

  1. Is this light going to be bright enough to light my room? We get this one a lot when people are looking at built-in LED lights for the first time. It’s a new experience going from a fixture that uses traditional incandescent bulbs, to one that has no bulbs at all! But we can always find you an option that’s bright enough

  2. Does this light come in a different size or colour? Most of our lights are part of bigger collections, meaning there are usually smaller or larger sizes of that same light, matching chandeliers, pendants, or flush mounts, and possibly even different colour options.

  3. How big should my vanity light be, or how big should the chandelier over my table be? When it comes to vanity lighting above a mirror, we suggest that the light should be about half to two-thirds the overall length of the vanity. The same rule applies if you’re putting a linear light over a rectangular table. If you’re going with a round or square light over your table, the diameter of the light should be about half the width of the table.

  4. Can light fixtures that use traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs use LED instead? Yes! We carry LED versions of all the common types of light bulbs. One of the quickest and easiest ways to save a little money is to simply replace the bulbs in your current fixtures with LED bulbs.

Q - When starting to choose fixtures, what main fixture do you usually suggest they start with?

A – We always suggest starting with a statement piece. This is the light that makes you or your guest go “WOW!” Usually it’s the foyer or dining room light, since it’s either the first thing you see when you walk in, or it’s in the room that you spend a lot of time in. Picking this fixture also gives us a really good sense of your style, taste, and colour preferences, and then we can pick complimentary pieces for the rest of your house.

Q –What are some key design trends that you are noticing?

A – Dark finishes are big right now. Within the last year or so black has become really sought after. In more modern spaces, a black chandelier or vanity light can add an impressive pop. We’re also noticing more and more people embrace built-in LED lighting and what it can do. Traditional fixtures always needed to have space for light bulbs, but since LED lighting has the light source built into the frame of the light, you can find some truly unique light fixtures. We have lights on display that look like waves, or turn back on themselves, or even loop over themselves.

Thank you Jordan for sharing so much insightful information, as always it is an absolute pleasure to work with you and your team at Multi Luminaire Ottawa

This article was also published on our upper level division.

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