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Laundry Room Love, is that even a thing?

I didn't think it possible until we worked with a recent client who wanted a laundry room made of dreams.

It got me thinking, since clothes washing is not something that is going to go away anytime soon, what is the best way to maximize a space to make you (almost!) enjoy it!

Here are my top 6 things for a laundry room you will love.

1. somewhere to hide your goods.

Let's face it, fluorescent coloured detergent bottles don't always coordinate with the look you might be after, so I'm a fan of having a dedicated cabinet or space that is conveniently located and keeps it hidden.

2. dirty laundry stashing space.

An oversized drawer works amazingly well at hiding the evidence that the space deals with your icky things - and keeps clothes off the floor. If you have the space, multiple drawers would even help with the sorting!

3. folding space.

A clear open space makes the process easier by letting you spread out to master your folding technique. It also helps with sorting amongst family members. This could be a countertop over a set of front-loading units or a separate counter area off to the side.

4. clothes hanging, not just for tall people.

Not everything can go in the dryer, particularly if you purchase from the long + tall department. Having a clothes rod installed over a counter area functions remarkably well and frees up floor area from freestanding drying racks. Wall-hung versions that fold away are equally handy.

5. soaking + hand washing station.

In our dream laundry space, the sink is a destination - unlike the 25 dollar plastic tub filled with leftover paint splatters of projects gone by. While antique and farm style laundry tubs are higher on the budget scale, their aesthetic impact is immense. A nice deep sink (approx 12") is ideal to allow larger items (or small dogs!) to be washed up, and clothes to be soaked.

6. décor.

Don’t forget to decorate your laundry room. Find a plant and a picture you really love and place them front and centre. Enjoy the space, have “loads of fun”.

This beautiful laundry room was designed and built by our Just Basements Team

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