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Back to School and Back to Work in 2020 – Why this year is different than most…

So much has changed since last year at this time, it is actually hard to fathom. In the art of being positive, sometimes change can be good, can’t it. Glass half full!?

For our company and our team, it provides us with a new way of doing business, especially in design. Virtual design meetings are the new norm. Our wonderful build team takes all PPE precautions to keep our customers and their families safe. Just like the schools, we are all navigating this new path with openness and positivity and striving for an A+.

Back to school and working from home during this pandemic, has also driven design changes that we would have never envisioned to this degree. Homes are looked at in a whole new light now that many of our customers are spending more time in their home. Moving forward, parents and kids don’t want to be working at the kitchen table for hours on end, customers are now looking for dedicated and functioning spaces for long-term work areas.

Basements for example, provide in many cases, a vast amount of untapped potential. The focus of many of our basement designs now focus on beautiful and bright home offices, personal home gyms, home theatre rooms beverage/snack areas.

No longer can you think of the basement as a place to throw the kids, parents are envisioning the creation of a beautiful and functional space for themselves to work and play in.

Our upstairs division, ARTium Design Build has seen a huge increase in Master Suite renovations. Not just the ensuite, the bedroom too. More often than not, our customers are renovating the entire main floors of their home. Wish lists include, an updated open kitchen, larger family room with more storage, and a built-in work area for the kids (anywhere but the kitchen table).

Just like going back to school this year, many things are different. It is all in how we look at what we have and see the positive and the new opportunities available to us.

All of these beautiful basements have been design and built by Just Basements,

This blog has also been published on, Just Basements upper level division.

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