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Don't you, forget about me!

Much like the 1985 pop hit “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by the band Simple Minds, our powder rooms are begging us not to forget about them and all the potential they have to offer for adding both function and beauty into our homes!

Powder rooms are often one of the most common rooms to neglect or to not put much time and resources into styling and designing. Often, they are also one of the smallest rooms in our homes in which people spend the least amount of time. However, those qualities may just make it the perfect candidate for an intentional and impactful renovation.

Contrary to popular belief a powder room can be an excellent space to truly get adventurous, bold and creative! Instead of just painting the walls the same colour as the rest of your house and settling for a lackluster aesthetic, consider the following tips in designing a powder room that is truly unforgettable:

Give the People What They Want

In this case “the people”, your family members, house guests and anyone else who may spend time in your powder room may not even know they wanted this space in their life, but when they are in there it will be hard not to admire it! A powder room is seen and used by many people and this space can be an ideal canvas for reflecting your own personal style, setting the tone for your homes overall design aesthetic and making a space that is often seen as utilitarian, employ a more comfortable and welcoming feel.

Don’t Hold Back

A smaller space often means less materials and time required to renovate it. This may be the opportunity you have been looking for to splurge on that marble mosaic tile you have been eyeing, that bold wallpaper you have been coveting or that wall moulding detail you keep seeing on Houzz. Incorporating these special, pricier or more time-consuming design elements in a smaller scale project can often allow you to finally use something that may have been out of your budget in a larger space.

If you are on board with having fun with your powder room design but are still slightly apprehensive that you may get tired of the bold wallpaper down the road, there are ways to still incorporate it and feel confident about your decision. Firstly, since the powder room is likely the space in your that you log the least amount of time in, it is far less likely for you to grow tired of its’ aesthetic within the same time frame you may have if it were installed in your family room.

Another approach could be in how you choose to apply it in your space and how much of it. You may choose to wallpaper just the top ¼ or ½ of the walls in your powder room and add a classic and ever timeless chair rail or wainscot moulding to the bottom section. This way in time; you can change out the wallpaper portion or even replace it with paint without having to redo your enter space.

In it For the Long Haul

When designing for any renovation, it is important to consider the level of quality of the materials, selections and construction you choose. These choices will determine the longevity of your investment. It is often recommended to pay for the best quality you can afford so that the renovation ages well and its value to your home and your family is seen and felt for years to come. This applies to powder room renovations as well, for instance you can still choose to go for bold or trendy choices in the design but making sure the quality of the products and construction you use will make a huge difference and allow even the most unique spaces to be appreciated for years after the renovation is complete.

With these tips, feel empowered to show your power room the love and admiration it desires! Know that, although small, having a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing powder room will be of great value to your home and will be sure to leave a lasting…perhaps even unforgettable impact on all who have the pleasure of occupying it.


Mallory McCarthy graduated from Algonquin College with Honours from the Bachelor of Interior Design Program. She discovered her passion for residential design soon after graduation and has been a designer at Artium Design Build & Just Basements since 2017. Mallory is a strong believer that a well-designed interior environment can play a significant role in enriching the lifestyle and well-being of the people who inhabit them.


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