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It's Like a Heat Wave....

As the song says, and likely not the last one of this summer.

As expected you will likely be running your central air conditioner more heavily during these hot summer days. It is vital to your furnace and A/C's health that you change your furnace's air filter regularly, even more so when you are renovating as dust can clog up a filter faster, AND even more so during a heat wave. If your A/C system is not getting enough air through it, the system will freeze up and stop working.

The first sign of this happening is a frost build up on the ductwork directly above your furnace. If you see this frost build up check your filter and raise your thermostat temperature to give the system a break. If it completely stops working, shut the system down and allow it to defrost. You should check your air filter at least once a week when renovating.

Stay Cool!


This blog is also published on ARTium Design Build, our upper level division


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