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Guide To A Minimalist Interior

Achieving a minimalistic look and feel to your home means following a few guidelines that will have your space looking like a dream oasis.

You might think that such a basic color palette wouldn’t give enough character to a space but the modesty of color actually creates a serene and relaxing environment. Start with the simplicity of white and build upon it with grays and other monochromatic hues.

Keeping with monochromatic hues will ensure clean lines and a minimalistic esthetic. A simple color palette does not mean you can’t throw in a decorative pillow with a fun pattern.

Did you know that simple design is actually calming? Our brains love symmetry. Psychological studies have shown that simple and symmetrical design has a positive and relaxing effect on our brain.

One of the easiest ways to maintain the look of such an open and airy space is to keep trinkets and other decorative items away from table surfaces and shelves.

A space that is simplistic and uncluttered not only relaxes us, but is much healthier for anyone who suffers from allergies. Knick-knacks and small objects collect dust quickly and are usually last to be dusted in a busy room.

The same idea goes for bathrooms, if you want to achieve the serenity of minimalist design. Soaps and toiletries are better kept in vanities and drawers with the exception of a simple soap bottle near the sink.

Although minimalistic design is paired down and promotes clean lines and open spaces, that doesn’t mean your space can’t have its own unique twist. A small pop of color or whimsical art piece inspires an open, creative mind.

Your room doesn’t even have to be that large. An open concept and minimalist design tricks the eye into seeing space.

Furnish a room with low sofas and avoid any furniture that would obstruct your view of the entire layout. An open staircase also adds to the openness of the space.

Following the guidelines of simplicity and minimalist design will turn your home into a welcome retreat that you’ll never want to leave.

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