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The Art of Decorating After a Renovation

You made it through your renovation. Congratulations!

Now it's time to step into your space and start to think about LIVING in it.

Designer Q & A: How to Redecorate After a Renovation

Q: What is the most important thing you focus on when you start the decoration of a new space?

A: As a designer, I love things to be beautiful, but function always comes first. If you just finished a major renovation, that last thing you want is a piece in your home that doesn't support the way you plan to live. I often focus on key furniture pieces, particularly seating, because they often influence the layout and circulation of the space. These pieces are often larger and one of the higher investment pieces, so getting the right shape and scale is important.

Q: Do you decorate in themes? Is that still a thing?

A: I'm not a "theme" person, per say, but there is definitely something to be said about consistency. The reason spaces often feel well decorated is because there is a consistency when it comes to shapes, scale, colour and texture. For example, in our design studio at Artium we had a hex shape mosaic backsplash tile which inspired the use of more geometric shapes throughout the decorating. These details are subtle but they definitely help to tie a space together.

Q: What is the best way to incorporate colour into your decor?

A: It's interesting, because the way we use colour in decorating has changed in the last few years. Where there used to be a focus on "matching" everything, there is a trend toward coordination without being "matchy'. An example of this is the use of a variety of colours which repeat throughout a space rather that one key colour. I quite like this concept - it gives a depth and richness to a space and helps it to feel less predictable.

Q: What if I move back into my space after a reno and I no longer like any of my old stuff?

A: Well... this isn't uncommon. You wouldn't be alone! You pack everything into boxes, often for months, and then you are faced with the decision of what to bring back. And this can be tough - particularly if your home has had a dramatic transformation. I say focus on the pieces you LOVE and if they don't feel perfect, send them packing. I am also a firm believer in less is more. Sometimes we just need to let a the architecture and detailing speak for itself.

Artium Design Build's own design guru, Jenny Neilson, has been designing since she could pick up a pencil. She has transferred that love of design, fashion and art into over a decade of incredible spaces, inside and out.

This article has also been published on ARTium Design Build - the upper level division of Just Basements.

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